Breathe New Life Into Your Outdoor Features

We can apply a beautiful new stain to your wooden deck or fence

Is your deck starting to show its age? You don't need to think about replacing it just yet. Instead, let Ness Painting refresh and revitalize your outdoor living space with our deck staining services.

Our team can apply a new stain to your deck that can:

  • Enhance the color of your deck's wood
  • Keep moisture from getting into your wood
  • Prevent your wood from rotting away
Ready to enjoy these benefits for yourself? Schedule a deck staining service with us today.

Revamp your fencing

In addition to staining your deck, our painters can stain your wooden fence. Just like with your deck, this is a great way to enhance the look of your fencing without needing to complete a costly replacement.

We'll make sure to apply an even and full stain to both sides of your fencing. That way, your fence will look its best from all angles.

Reach out to us whenever you want to have your fence stained.